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Washing Machine Repair Services In Bhopal

Washing Machines have become an essential part of the home appliance of the day-to-day advancing lifestyle of people. Get Domestic & Household Washing Machine Repairs And Maintenance Services in BHOPAL. We’re #1 in Washing Machine Repair in BHOPAL, offer the best washing machines & dryers repairing, installation and services for BHOPAL residential customers, and deal in all types and brands of washer dryers BHOPAL. In VIHAAN ENTERPRISES, the expert service providers are experienced in all kinds of Washing Machine repair services in Bhopal. By opting for VIHAAN ENTERPRISES Washing Machine Repair services, one can be peaceful and free of all hassles.

Best Washing Machine Repair Service in Bhopal

All Types Of Washing Machines, Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Top Load, Front Load etc. will be corrected by the experts. issues sorted by our expert service providers in Bhopal are:

  • Water leakage
  • Over-noise while washing
  • Not turning on/error while switching on
  • Not able to close/open the machine door
  • Washing Machine not spinning/draining
  • Buttons not functioning
  • Washing Machine not working at all


Common issues faced by users

  • Water draining is the most frequent problem that the users encounter. It may be caused when any kind of debris clogs the drain hose or the pump. In another case, it can also be caused if the entire washer is not functioning correctly. In this case, the drain pump can also be broken.
  • Door locking/unlocking in the front load washing machines, this problem recurs often. In case there is a problem with the lock mechanism, the locking/unlocking issue happens. If the clothes are not packed in properly then the lock mechanism will be affected.
  • Usage over the years and years Washing Machines get dirty and smelly. If this smell gets transferred to our clothes is when we get serious about this issue. In that case, the best way to get rid of this issue is by running a cycle with an empty machine.

Tripping is a serious issue in Washing Machine handling. Tripping could happen if there is water leakage in the machine, and the water passes through power. For this type of issue, you can clear the water leakage issue by availing an expert service provider’s help, and you can also consider lowering your cloth loads.

If your Washing Machine is causing a spinning issue there are many reasons. Behind that, the basic reason could be overloading the machine and it is also possible for a foreign object to enter the drain hose and hinder the spin drum from rotating.