geyser repair

Geyser Service in Bhopal

Nowadays geysers have become essential in our daily life. We need geysers to heat water especially in winters. It becomes difficult to manage without heaters. So, we are here to provide you with the best geyser service in Bhopal. At Vihaan Enterprises you will find the best hardworking staff that will give you the best service and maintenance. We also provide installation and uninstallation services. You can call anytime we will be at your service as soon as possible.

Common Problems in Geyser

Water Leakage

It is normal to leak water but if it leaks in excess then it is a problem it can be due to fault, I drain valve or the tank. It must be repaired soon otherwise it can burst, explode, and even cause a fire in some cases.

No hot water

It can happen due to problem in the thermostat settings or it may produce more heat than required which result in mechanical failure.

Not enough hot water

size of the water matters properly sized water heater meets your needs. It can also be due to cross connection or faulty heating element or thermostat.


It occurs due to too much pressure which causes improper working of pressure relief valve. The heating process some natural occurring particles to settle down at bottom tank which results in sediment build-up.

Rust Settlement

The heater must be flushed from time to time otherwise it results in sediment build-up and water and sediment will cause rust.

Defective water pressure

It is caused due to blockages in the pipes.